Trusted & Authentic Cornish Pasty Makers Since 1988

Exceptional Taste In Every Single Product

Exceptional Taste In Every Single Product

Since 1988 we have been making the world a better place one perfect pasty at a time. Packed with the finest local ingredients and hand-crafted by our passionate team, we’re proud to be Proper Cornish.

Hands crimping pasties in black and white

Our Products

Our Products


Vegan & Vegetarian

Sausage Rolls & Savoury Pastries


This is how we do it

This is how we do it

Ethics & Ethos


48 pairs of hands are needed to crimp

pasties a day.
Just another day at Proper Cornish.
It’s no more complicated
than that. We’ve tried, tested and tweaked every single one of our processes so we can do them all on a huge scale.


From our
58,000 sq ft
newly refurbished Bakery we produce in excess of

tasty machine made
savoury pastry products a day – that’s in addition to our handmade capacity!


We’re just one
kitchen with a person for every process


Made in Cornwall
Made by Hand
Made with Heart
Our team make the world a better place every day by filling it with pasties and savoury pastry delights.

You’re Welcome.


From the curvature of the crimp to the thickness of the pastry
All 76,000 of our pasties are checked for perfection every single day.


We like it muddy!
Our fresh ingredients that is. Local and delivered by tractor straight from the farm.
Made Proper
To Taste Proper