Proper Cornish is passionate about quality pastry, filled with great tasting ingredients, made properly in Cornwall for people who love food.

Since 1988, our purpose has made us the UK’s leading handmade Cornish pasty manufacturer and experts in filled savoury pastry products. As a supplier of pasties, sausage rolls, slices and pies, our products have excited appetites nationwide and in turn, grown profits for all of our customers.  So what’s the secret?

Our values.  We simply practice what we preach and in return our customers reap the rewards. For us it’s about five things:

Customer first

We like to think of our customers as working partners. From developing a new product, providing industry advice, point of sale solutions or distribution, our customer service is second to none.


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From the farms where ingredients come from and how products are made, we are open and truthful and deliver what we say.

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We only accept and expect the best: the best ingredients sourced locally where possible; the best recipes made in our efficient bakery; and the best from our expert team.  Therefore, our customers get the best value for money, resulting in even better sales.

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We really care about what we do.  That’s why we still hand crimp over 50,000 pasties a day and why we lobbied to protect its geographical status.   When it comes to pastry products, we know our stuff, generating profitable business solutions for our customers.

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We’re from Cornwall and as they say, the Cornish are friendly folk! It’s this mantra that means we have long-lasting partnerships with our customers all over the UK and are only a click, call or meeting away when they need us.