Cornish Pasties

Cornish Pasties

Traditional Steak Cornish Pasties – our hero award-winning product

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Our genuine PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Traditional Steak pasties are lovingly made using a family recipe handed down through the generations, and are all hand-crimped by our talented and dedicated team of Crimpers, many of whom have been part of the team for over 20 years. Can you imagine how many pasties they’ve crimped during their time at Proper Cornish? Everyone has their own unique style, and you may be surprised to hear that you can tell whether it’s been crimped by a right or a left handed person!

The recipe we use is a closely guarded secret and elevates our products from good to exceptional. This captures the hearts of consumers everywhere and keeps them coming back again and again for a Proper Cornish pasty.

A pasty is a work of art – every pasty lover knows that. That’s why we have a dedicated team whose sole job it is to protect perfection. From the curvature of the crimp to the thickness of the pastry, all 66,000 of our pasties are checked for perfection every single day.

The iconic, ready to bake,
on the go, hand-made wholesome meal

The Traditional Steak pasty is our sales bedrock and comes in two formats – ‘Layered’ and ‘Mixed’ – both award-winning and extremely tasty! Let’s explain the difference:

Our ‘layered’ steak pasties are where the potato, swede & onion are layered by hand with the steak taking pride of place on top of the vegetables. During baking, the juices from the meat infuse with the vegetables, adding flavour, whereas our “mixed” steak pasties are just that – the meat and vegetables are mixed-together, giving an even distribution of steak throughout the pasty.

Both formats are made with the freshest ingredients, which are prepared in-house daily to ensure everyone can enjoy the quality of a Proper Cornish pasty. Our potatoes are grown just down the road at Colwith Farm with our finest onions and swede being grown in Torpoint. Proper job, Proper Cornish.

Our Team Crimping Pasties On Production Line

Traditional Steak Cornish Pasty 450g Layered

Traditional Steak Cornish Pasty 283g Layered

Traditional Steak Cornish Pasty 368g Mixed

Traditional Steak Cornish pasty 283g Mixed

Traditional Steak Cornish pasty 198g Mixed

Traditional Steak Cornish Pasty 142g Mixed

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