Our Responsibility

We only have one planet and we’re taking practical action to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are now on a journey to become B-Corp certified by the end of 2026.

Here are some of the things we’ve done so far in our bakery…


  • None of our waste goes to landfill
  • We support Reduce – Re-use – Recycle
  • All of our cardboard is recycled, over the last 12 months that means 43.975 tonnes
  • Our food waste is converted into electricity by the process of anaerobic digestion


  • Our spiral freezer uses ammonia which is better for the environment and the recovered heat is used in our hot water systems


  • Movement sensing light switching saves on energy
  • We use low energy lamps and equipment
  • Our power factor correction unit ensures electrical power is converted into useful work output

So, what do we do with our food waste?

In 2021, a total of 218.01 tonnes of our food waste was treated through the process of anaerobic digestion and generated enough electricity to:

  • Power the average home for 22 years
  • Power two 60-watt lightbulbs non-stop for 220 years
  • Toast 19,596,918 slices of bread
  • Run two modern refrigerators for 220 years
  • Drive an electric vehicle 792,684 miles


  • Our bakery has high insulation throughout


  • We have installed water meters to monitor our usage
  • We ensure that water going down the drain is as clean as possible

Single-Use Plastics

  • We have a program to reduce single-use plastics across our business
  • By removing blue bags from our branded boxes, we saved 2.37 tonnes of plastic packaging in 2021

We’re also helping to get trees in the ground…

Being a corporate partner of Plant One Cornwall, we are delighted to offer both financial and physical support to help restore native woodlands across Cornwall.

We just love getting involved in their tree planting days!