New Jamaican Patties

On Thursday 20th June, at the Country Range event 2019, held in Telford, our exciting new Jamaican Patty range made its debut. We are delighted to have teamed up with Levi Roots in the development of these three deliciously tasty (and hot) Jamaican Patties!

With the distinct flavour of Levi’s jerk barbeque Reggae Reggae sauce, this fabulous and authentic new range will certainly have your taste buds dancing! The range consists of a Jerk Chicken Patty, Jerk Beef Patty and also a Jerk Vegetable Patty, all guaranteed to pack an almighty punch from the scotch bonnet chilies.

So what can you expect from this exciting new range – quite simply – delicious high quality patties, flavoured with the legendary Reggae Reggae extra hot jerk marinade, all wrapped in a colourful rough puff pastry case.

The new range will be launching in September.