New Middle Eastern Pasty Launch

Launching our delicious new Middle Eastern Pasty into the pasty market is a very exciting time for us at Proper Cornish. Our research shows that consumers are ready to explore the deep traditions and classic ingredients of Middle Eastern cuisine. Middle Eastern cuisine has grown by 301% in the industry over the last four years and shows no sign of slowing down. We wanted to ensure that our handmade pasty delivered on the desired exotic taste of the Middle East that today’s consumers are searching for, as well as the exceptional high quality that we are known for. The pasty consists of tender lamb, Cornish potato and onion with chickpeas, sweet dates and apricots, combined with a Middle Eastern inspired herb and spice blend. The filling with its rich aroma, is then encased in a unique, pre-glazed pastry which is then hand-crimped before being finished with a delicious crunchy crumb.
We love creating exceptional pasties, that are unique to the market, and have been doing so for over 30 years. Our passion for using the best ingredients that are prepared in-house, just in time for every batch ensures we deliver the highest quality products with great tasting freshness.
The new Middle Eastern pasty will be available January 2020.