New Thai Chicken Pasty

We’re extremely excited to launch our delicious and new Thai Chicken Pasty into the pastry market. Our research has shown that ethnic cuisines and flavours are rising in popularity, with 39% of consumers choosing to eat Thai food regularly; so, we wanted to create a product that caters to the growing trend and consumer demand. The flavour combination was created by our New Product Development team; we wanted to ensure that we captured the key flavours of Thailand, and portray the distinct taste that is evident in their dishes when producing this extremely tasty, quality handmade product. The pasty consists of succulent chicken breast, delicately infused with fresh traditional Thai flavours of lemongrass, lime and creamy coconut, mixed with warming spices, Cornish onion and potato, encased in a unique recipe pre-glazed pastry which is then lovingly hand-crimped, before being finished with a delicious crunchy crumb.
We love creating unique and exceptional pasties and have been doing so for over 30 years. Our passion for using the best ingredients that are prepared in-house, just in time for every batch ensures we deliver the highest quality products with great tasting freshness.