The iconic and ultimate, ready-to-bake on the go, hand-held snack. It is also very popular plated and served with a side.


The Traditional Cornish Pasty

Protected Geographical Indication status has been awarded to the Cornish Pasty which means only a pasty made to a specific recipe in Cornwall can be called a ‘Cornish pasty’ and a Proper Cornish pasty is made proper to taste proper! This unique benefit adds real consumer value and is your assurance of guaranteed origin, great quality and solid consumer demand.

Exciting Options

The Traditional Cornish pasty forms the sales bedrock, but for vegetarians we have amazing cheese & vegetable options, and for those a little more adventurous, Spicy chicken & chorizo and Balti taste so fresh and simply divine. Over 20 exciting flavours make up our uncooked frozen range, so you’ll be pleasantly spoilt for choice with Proper Cornish.

Traditional Handmade Cornish Pasties

Product Approx. Weight Case Size Code
Steak Layered 450g 18 47010
Steak Mixed 368g 18 46030
Steak Layered 283g 20 46028
Steak Mixed 283g 20 47000
Steak Mixed 198g 40 46026
Steak Mixed 142g 60 46024

Speciality Handmade Pasties

Product Approx. Weight Case Size Code
Steak & Stilton 283g 20 47555
Steak & Betty Stogs 283g 20 48010
Pork & Apple 283g 20 48029
Spicy Chicken & Chorizo 283g 20 46223
Bacon Chicken & Leek 283g 20 84037
Middle Eastern Lamb 283g 20 48014
Turkey Dinner (Seasonal) 283g 30 48054

Vegetarian Handmade Pasties

Product Approx. Weight Case Size Code
Cheese & Onion 283g 20 46207
Cheese & Onion 142g 60 46203
Cheese Tomato & Basil 283g 20 48008


Sausage Rolls

We keep our sausage rolls simple – it’s what makes them taste so good.


Savoury Pastries

Great ingredients wrapped in a light puff pastry as a flavoursome snack to eat on the go at any time of the day.


New Products

Because innovation is at the heart of what we do, we have some pretty tasty flavour combinations which are loved by the nation



A range of savoury pastry products that enable us to cater to the ever-growing vegan and flexitarian markets.