Great ingredients wrapped in a light puff pastry as a flavoursome snack to eat on the go at any time of the day.

turnover 600×600

Available uncooked frozen.

Product Approx. Weight Case Size Case Price Unit Price Code
Cheese & Bacon Turnover 135g 30 44300
New Hunters Chicken Turnover 170g 30 47522
Steak Slice 170g 27 44481
Chicken & Mushroom Slice 170g 27 44480
Cheese & Onion Slice 170g 27 44479
Unbaked Frozen
Sausage Pie 145g 36 47362
Baked Frozen
Steak & Ale 265g 12 48144
Chicken Bacon Leek 265g 12 48140
Asparagus & Mushroom 265g 12 48142

Cornish Pasties

The iconic and ultimate, ready-to-bake on the go, hand-held snack. It is also very popular plated and served with a side.


Sausage Rolls

We keep our sausage rolls simple – it’s what makes them taste so good.


New Products

Because innovation is at the heart of what we do, we have some pretty tasty flavour combinations which are loved by the nation