The key to the exceptional quality and taste of “Proper Cornish” pasties is the ultra-freshness of ingredients, prepared in-house, just in time and sourced from Cornwall wherever possible. Supplier relationships are personal to us. Vegetables are delivered daily from chosen Cornish farms; Chris Dustow at Par (8 miles) grows our potatoes and Hay Farm at Torpoint (30 miles) grows our swede and onions.

We buy as much meat as we can from Cornwall, but the special cut of steak used in our PGI pasty is simply not available in sufficient quantity from Cornwall, so we have selected 5 trusted UK and Irish suppliers who provide exceptional quality UK & Irish meat day in day out.

The method we use is a closely guarded secret and elevates our products from good to exceptional. This captures the hearts of consumers everywhere and keeps them coming back again and again for a Proper Cornish pasty.


How can we all enjoy a modern lifestyle whilst sustaining our natural resources?

It is not possible for citizen or industry to right all the wrongs of 150 years of industrialisation in one go, but we can make practical changes to the way we live and work to help reduce our environmental impact.

Proper Cornish does just that, and has made significant progress over a number of years.

Here are some notable examples of things we do every day :-

  • 150 tonnes cardboard recycled every year
  • All possible plastic recycled
  • All metal cans recycled
  • All waste paper recycled
  • All food waste converted to energy through anaerobic digestion
  • Vehicle journeys monitored and managed to reduce unnecessary mileage
  • Low energy lamps and equipment progressively installed
  • Cycle to work scheme initiated
  • Work with local bus companies to improve scheduling to suit working hours of bakery
  • Car sharing where possible
  • Staff training and awareness raising

2015 sees significant gains with a move into a new state of the art bakery.

  • Highest efficiency rating spiral blast freezer installed with non-ozone depleting gas
  • Movement sensing light switching installed throughout, which automatically deactivates areas not in use
  • High insulation throughout
  • Refrigeration heat recovery system to power Bakery hot water system installed

Proper Cornish continues to take practical action to reduce environmental impact working with customers, suppliers, staff and advisors. The journey continues.

Chris Dustow - Potato farmer
Anthony West - Onion farmer