Quality has been at our core for over 35 years!

In 1988, we took a stand for Cornish heritage and quality when we started hand-crafting exceptional and authentic Cornish pasties. Over the years, we’ve extended our range of delicious pasties to include new and exciting flavours, as well as a range of sausage rolls, slices and turnovers to delight the tastebuds of meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike.

We really care about what we do. That’s why we still hand-crimp over 76,000 pasties a day and why we lobbied to protect its geographical status in Cornwall. When it comes to pastry products, we know our stuff and that’s why our mantra is “Made Proper to Taste Proper” – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fact, Quality means so much to us, we’ve made it one of our core values:

  • We only accept and expect the best
  • We are proud of our work and standards
  • Everyday we pursue excellence in everything we do

Handmade, hands-on, full-on pastry passion – our team are what make us special. The curve of the crimp, the preparation of the ingredients, the care for our customers – at Proper Cornish, we only deliver the very best.

People, pride & place


Everyone is of equal importance to us, and we like to think of ourselves as one big, friendly family who have a bit of fun along the way too; after all, we spend a lot of time working as a team, so we might as well enjoy it.

The health and wellbeing of our team is of the utmost importance, and we are proud to be both a Gold Healthy Workplace employer and a Mindful Employer.

Our People core values are:

  • We will treat people as we like to be treated
  • We care for our customers and colleagues
  • We are always approachable

Pasties are great. But you know what’s better?
The team who make it happen with the same care and passion day after day. We call them our pastry heroes.

Made in Cornwall
Made by Hand
Made with Heart
Our team make the world a better place every day by filling it with pasties and savoury pastry delights.

You’re Welcome.


We are proud to be Cornish and are passionate about the quality of our award-winning products. We only accept and expect the best; the best ingredients sourced locally where possible; the best recipes made in our efficient state of the art BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited bakery; and the best from our expert team. Cornish pride is such a special thing.

What we do is a challenge, but no team is better placed to take on the task of making 76,000 pasties a day, whilst making the process as effective and efficient as possible – they even make it look easy!

From sourcing the best ingredients locally to hand preparing the finest pastry products in Cornwall, it’s in our DNA to keep things simple, yet extraordinary.

From the curvature of the crimp to the thickness of the pastry
All 76,000 of our pasties are checked for perfection every single day.


The key to the exceptional quality and taste of “Proper Cornish” pasties is the ultra-freshness of ingredients, prepared in-house, just in time and sourced from Cornwall wherever possible. Supplier relationships are personal and incredibly important to us, built and nurtured over many years. Our potatoes are delivered daily by tractor from our chosen Cornish farms; Colwith Farm at Par (8 miles) with Hay Farm at Torpoint (30 miles) growing our swede and onions – the best fresh produce we can find, still muddy from the field and whole to protect flavour.

Working with Local Farmers Map

Can you count a pasty as 1 of your 5-a-day? We’re not sure, but we do know that ours are crammed with the finest local ingredients available. We’ve convinced ourselves – of course you can!

The special cut of steak used in our PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Cornish pasty is not available in sufficient quantity from Cornwall, so we have selected 5 trusted UK and Irish suppliers who provide exceptional quality UK & Irish meat day in, day out.

All meat used in Proper Cornish products is sourced from animal welfare approved sites.

All fats and oils contained in Proper Cornish products are fully segregated and are sourced from RSPO certified suppliers.

We like it muddy!
Our fresh ingredients that is. Local and delivered by tractor straight from the farm.
Made Proper
To Taste Proper