We are delighted to be adding a vegan product to our school range – Announcing the launch of our new Vegan Pizza Roll

We are excited to be launching our new Vegan Pizza Roll at LACA Main Event on 12th to 14th October. With two sizes available (primary and secondary school compliant) we know students will love them!

The new delicious pizza roll, which is under 300 calories, is reminiscent of a margherita pizza topping. This delicious pizza roll provides a sweet aroma of tomato and herbs. The colourful rich filling of soft tomatoes, mixed peppers and crunchy sweetcorn is encased in our unique recipe pastry, gently coated with a vegan glaze and finished with a mixed herb and rusk topping for extra crunch and flavour.

Our own research and the success of our existing vegan range shows a significant growth in veganism in the UK and, according to the Vegan Society, 10% of British children aged 8 to 16 are vegan or vegetarian, making veganism a popular choice for school children.

We love creating new products for the education market. Our new Vegan Pizza Roll will be available in October 2021.