Where the sunshine of Cornwall meets the sunshine of Jamaica

We have teamed up with Levi Roots to launch three deliciously tasty (and hot) Jamaican patties!
As Levi famously says, it’s time to “put some music in your food”, and that is certainly the case with this exciting new Jamaican patty range developed by us.
With the distinct flavour of Levi’s jerk barbeque Reggae Reggae sauce, this fabulous and authentic new range will certainly have your taste buds dancing! The range consists of a Jerk Chicken Patty, Jerk Beef Patty and also a Jerk Vegetable Patty, all guaranteed to pack an almighty punch from the scotch bonnet chillies.
So what can you expect from this exciting new range – quite simply – delicious high quality patties, flavoured with the legendary Reggae Reggae extra hot jerk marinade, all wrapped in a colourful rough puff pastry case.
Across the Caribbean patties are considered the ultimate street food, and are more than just a snack; it’s a filling breakfast or lunch and can even be eaten for dinner; just like the Cornish pasty! So, we decided to bring the wonderful taste of the Caribbean to our food to go market, and who better to team up with than the man who likes to put some music in his food, Levi Roots.
Finally, here is an interesting connection you might not be aware of! The tasty Jamaican patty did not originate from the country of Jamaica! No, it was Lord Falmouth, after the English colonised in Jamaica, who took the Cornish pasty to Jamaica where it was given a bit of a makeover. The shape was changed, so too were the spices and other ingredients and the bake was given a new name; the humble Cornish pasty became the Jamaican patty and now known widely outside Jamaica as the Caribbean patty. So it’s certainly a case of where the sunshine of Cornwall meets the sunshine of Jamaica.
These new products will be available from September.